About Me



I am a Nana, Mother, Wife, Executive Coach, Group Faciliatator Mentor, Advisor.

I partner with individuals and organizations to increase business and community impact, personal and professional development.  I have more than 35 years experience in systems transformation and leadership within and across categories and, geographies with Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 100 consumer goods company. Since 2012, my portfolio career includes business and executive coaching, board leadership as well as engaged philanthropy and angel investing. My proudest achievement, however, are my two independently successful children who give back to their communities. I customize my approach with each client so that they may also realize their own potential.

My Sage Philosophy

Mission :

I help purpose-driven individuals and organizations to move past -- and anticipate – barriers to growth.

Vision :

More people ‘pay it forward’, creating a kinder, better world for all.

My Unique value proposition: I help those who’ve tried to help themselves do it better and faster than they will on their own, sharing techniques they can ‘pay forward’ to help others



I can count on Sandy to be ‘in my corner’ just as a boxing coach would be in the ring. She takes the time to not only understand what I do for my company but also what I would like to strategically accomplish in my career. Her best quality as a coach is to pull me out of the day-to-day chaos and to get me to focus on my goals.

— Mary C. , Director Worldwide Information Security in Multinational Consumer Products Company

Sandy got answers to my questions of how I was perceived by my peers, bosses and direct reports. She worked with me to customize an assessment process, personally interviewed the individuals and compiled comments in a way that ensured anonymity and confidentiality of the participants. Sandy also provided the context necessary to improve my understanding about what was said. With these insights, I have learned to modify my behaviors for increasingly positive results. I continue to refer to and reflect on those lessons as I build my career.

— Kim M. , Global Membership Director, International Professional Association

My team is very capable and brings hard skills to the table, but many of the employees needed help developing their Leadership Presence and Influence skills. I asked around about where I might find a coach who worked well both with groups and with individuals, and Sandy came highly recommended. She didn’t disappoint. Sandy conducted a series of interactive workshops that focused on broadening my employees and increasing their awareness of these critical tools. The workshops, which focused on Leadership Presence, Influence, and Communication Styles, were smart, impactful and practical, and I watched my team improve in these areas following the sessions. Sandy clearly knows what it takes to raise the bar for any group or individual!

— Cliff G. , Senior Director, Utility Company

Sandy led a 180 interview process to assess Enterprise Risk for a nonprofit whose mission is to stop the cycle of child abuse. She then partnered with members of our board to turn the learnings and recommendations into an action plan which they are now building upon.

— Paul G. , Chief Administrative Officer and industry consultant; Volunteer board member

By making the effort to understand our business, Sandy developed a cohesive business continuity model for a growing healthcare network!

— Matt S. , General Counsel, Regional Health System

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

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